10 Ways to Build a School Culture with Custom Apparel

Posted by Sydney Myers

June 20th, 2017

Whether you’re a teacher, principal, or superintendent, one of your goals is most likely to create a strong culture at your school, one that fosters teamwork. Custom apparel is one of the simplest ways to build a school community. You may be surprised by how much our sense of community is effected by what we wear.

Think about it: people who belong to the same clique often dress similarly. Whether we’re skateboard enthusiasts, sports fans, “fashionistas”, or business men or women, we use apparel to identify ourselves with a specific community.

Here are 10 examples of how other educators have used custom apparel to create a sense of community at their school. The designs you’ll see are real examples of artwork we’ve created for our customers. You can use them for ideas or contact us to get free art for your apparel.

1. Field Day

Field Day is already a community-building activity for kids. It’s a chance for them to have some fun with their peers and interact on a larger scale than what is done in the classroom. Many schools have taken it a step further by creating a fun theme for their field day and using custom apparel to build excitement for that theme.

What kid wouldn’t want to be part of a Wild Wild West Field Day, or wear a “Play Hard or Go Home” Field Day shirt to represent their school?

2. Theater Performances

Your theater team surely puts in hours upon hours of work for each school play. It’s a production! Build hype for the big show and bring the local community together with collectable shirts for each show.

3. Camp

This is where lifelong friendships are born. Whether it’s Band Camp, Math Camp, Soccer Camp, or just a fun summer camp, your students are building communities that become the lifeblood of their school experience.

Any time a student sees another student wearing their camp shirt, they’ll remember their time together, and that will deepen their connection.

4. “Class Of…”

There may be several different cliques in each school, but one thing that brings all students together is their graduation year.

They’ll create hand signs for it, they’ll write songs about it, it’s on their graduation cap tassel. We all are proud of our graduation year.

So give your students a way to bear their class year and represent their school proudly with custom apparel. It will stick with them for the rest of their life.

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5. Spirit Wear

When I was in high school, some students created their own “spirit wear” shirts to wear at games. The problem was that the design was inappropriate. The shirts were banned.

You can avoid a fiasco like that by giving your students official spirit wear. There’s nothing like a home team wearing all one color, bringing them together with one voice. That’s the kind of culture you want to build.


6. Clubs, Groups, & Teams

It’s human nature to want to belong to something bigger than ourselves. That’s probably why we’re so inclined to join clubs or teams. Your sports teams may have jerseys or uniforms, but what about group shirts to wear outside of events? It will be their identifying mark, and a way to feed their sense of community.

7. Standardized Tests

You might not have thought about celebrating the annual standardized test in your school’s state. After all, it’s usually something the students dread. But why does it have to be a drag? This is their chance to shine! So celebrate it! Remind your students that we’re all in this together.

8. Academic Competitions

Hey, just because it’s not a sport, doesn’t mean the competition isn’t as fierce. If you’re in Texas, you understand how much students practice and prepare for UIL academic competitions. They’re a team! Let them strut their stuff with team shirts at each competition.

9. Band Shows

Just like theater performances, band shows are the result of much hard work and practice. Don’t let them feel left out! A commemorative shirt for each show the band puts on will make them feel appreciated and special.

10. Events

Throughout the school year, you may host several events, from book fairs to field trips to clinics and more. Those students are a part of something special. Make each event something they’ll remember for the rest of their life.


Are you an teacher or school administrator looking to create memorable moments for your students and impress on them the value of education? Custom apparel from PepWear is an easy way to build a positive school culture and celebrate momentous events. Get a free quote today!

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