11 Graduation Party Ideas to Take Your Celebration to the Next Level

Posted by Sydney Myers

May 16th, 2017

You only get one graduation party, right? So you want to make it special!

Some families will do dinner at an elegant restaurant, while some will keep it at home and throw a backyard bash. If you’re looking for ways to make your son or daughter’s graduation celebration special, look no further. Here are 11 graduation party ideas that are sure to keep the festivities fun and memorable.

1. Set up a photo booth

You HAVE to have a photo booth. The fun part is designing it! There are TONS of ideas you can use. If you want to make this even more fun, combine your photo booth with idea number two.

2. Buy an instant camera

Remember old Polaroid cameras? Well, they’re making a comeback! If you’re tired of taking a million photos and then never getting them printed, get an instant camera! You can use it in conjunction with your photo both, leave it at the guest table and ask guests to snap a shot and write a note, or just use it yourself. I recently got one of these and it’s so much fun!

3. Create a hashtag for guests to use in photos

If most of your guests will be keeping it mobile, leave a sign around asking them to tag all of their photos with a hashtag you’ve chosen. This will make it super easy to find everyone’s pictures they’ve posted on social media.

If you’re not the creative type, click on the thumbnail image for a full-size sign to print out!

4. Set up ice cream float kits

Everyone loves ice cream floats, but having an entire station to make them can be a pain. Instead, put a few scoops of ice cream in mason jars and let them chill in an ice bucket alongside some sodas. Boom! It’s so easy!

5. Get custom shirts for all the guests

To make your graduation party super special, create a commemorative shirt or keep it fun and use a silly design or quote. Use the graduation year, use photos – get creative!

It just so happens that PepWear has some of the best graphic artists on the planet and they’ll create an awesome design for you for free! Take a look at our design gallery or get a free quote!

9. Let guests decorate cake with personalized messages

A friend of mine had this idea for her wedding and I loved it. She kept the cake blank and let the kids decorate it to keep them entertained. For a graduation party, why not leave out icing tubes and let guests write their own personalized message on the cake?

7. Create a “Walk Down Memory Lane” scavenger hunt

Here’s one for if you want to get out of the house or just want to do something as a family. Set up a scavenger hunt where your son or daughter will visit special places from their childhood – where they lost their first tooth, where they learned to ride a bike, where they had their first summer job – all of it!

6. Get a “real” money tree

Everyone knows that what the grad wants more than anything is money. This is a cool way to invite guests to give while keeping it fun and anonymous.

8. Guest switch guessing game

This one is an old classic. Write the names of each guest on a sticker and put a different name on the BACK of each guest.

As they talk to people, they’ll have to ask questions to find out who they are. Find out how well they really know each other!

10. Create a playlist for each year of the grad’s life

You’re probably going to have music, so why not make it special? Find a hit song from every year of the grad’s life and create a playlist. You can even play each song/year in order!

Check out the Spotify playlist I created with the #1 pop songs for each year starting in 1999 (for most 2017 graduates).

11. Advice book that is NOT read aloud

If the cake idea doesn’t strike your fancy, here’s another way to get special messages from your guests. Pass around an “advice book” but let guests know that the messages won’t be read out loud.

My friends did this for my bridal shower and I found that the messages were very personal and more honest than I think they would have been if they were going to be read to everyone.

So what are you going to do to step up your celebration? Share your pics on social media and tag us (@PepWear) so we can see your awesome ideas!

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