6 Apps Every Music Teacher Must Have

Posted by Sydney Myers

July 11th, 2017

If you haven’t noticed, at PepWear, we are big supporters of music education. Research has shown that music education can have a huge impact on children and can help them develop many crucial skills. That’s why we support so many music organizations and are present at hundreds of music events each year.

In an effort to continue supporting the music education community, we’ve rounded up six apps that every music teacher must have. Technology has proven to have major benefits when used in education, and these apps will make your job easier and help you to be even more effective.

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1. forScore

forScore is the ultimate organization tool for your sheet music library. That in itself makes this app invaluable. However, it does so much more. You can create setlists, add annotations like text or music stamps, share music, collaborate, and more. The app has a built-in tuner, pitch pipe, and metronome that will automatically turn the page. This is a must-have organization app for music teachers and their students.

(This app is for iOS only. If you’re using an Android device, try MobileSheetsFree or MobileSheetsPro.)


2. Symphony Pro

Technology has made composing music so much easier. Symphony Pro is a perfect example of that. You can easily compose music for every instrument using the app’s clean user interface and myriad of tools. You can even compose an entire piece simply by playing the music on the app’s onscreen piano while the notes are automatically detected and printed on the screen.

(This app is for iOS only. If you’re using an Android device, try Score Creator.)


3. Complete Ear Trainer

Ear training is just as important as learning to play your instrument or read music. Complete Ear Trainer is an excellent tool for teachers and students. The app includes drills and music theory cards. You can also create your own drills. It is designed like a game and syncs with Google Play Games so your students can track their scores and compare them with friends.


4. NoteWorks

If you’re working with younger children, NoteWorks is a fun app to help them learn, well, notes! As the teacher, you can create your own customized game by choosing the difficulty level, how each note is displayed, which clef is used, and more.

What makes this app useful for teachers is the ability to track each student’s progress. Each time a student uses the app, the information about his game results will be synced to an online portal for the teacher to review. If you want to give your students an easy way to practice at home but still be able to monitor their learning, this is a must-have app.


5. GarageBand

It’s almost a no-brainer, right? As a music teacher, the possibilities are endless when you’re using GarageBand. You can use the app to record your students, share recordings with instrument layers that students can play along with, use the loops as part of warmups or other practice activities, or, if all of your students have iPads, use it with homework assignments.

Watch the above YouTube video for examples of activities you can do with your students using GarageBand.


6. MadPad HD

Do a quick YouTube search for “MadPad” and you’ll see how much fun your students can have creating music out of just about anything. Record sounds from a car, a hardware store, your hands, your voice – anything! – and make music. Sure, it might not teach them notes or music theory, but it will show them how fun music can be and might motivate them to create their own.



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