6 Apps That Will Boost Your Students’ Learning

Posted by Sydney Myers

October 3rd, 2017

On the PepWear Blog, we’ve covered apps that teachers can use in their classroom to make their job easier. What about other aspects of the learning process – studying, writing, note-taking, and staying organized? The following six apps for students will address each piece of the learning process. Some of these apps you can use with your students to boost their learning. Every app is free for the student (though some have paid versions), and they’re all available on Android and iOS devices, so every student can use each app.

1. EasyBib – Easily create bibliographies from your computer or mobile device

“Bibliographies Are Frustrating. They Don’t Have to Be.” That’s the premise of EasyBib.

It’s a free tool that students can access from their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Just type in the name or website URL of the referenced publication, and EasyBib generates a citation in seconds. Using the mobile app, students can even scan the barcode of a book or magazine for an even simpler experience.

The free version of the website will provide citations using the MLA8 and MLA7 styles, but the free mobile app will provide citations using thousands of styles.

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2. Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator – Annotate PDFs like a piece of paper

Technology should only replace conventional methods if it improves the experience. Having a piece of paper allows you to underline, highlight, draw, and write notes with ease. Annotating on a tablet is sometimes limited to highlighting and adding comment markers with pop-out windows for notes. It’s just not quite as effective.

Studying with Xodo is the closest I’ve come to studying with a real book or piece of paper. The app allows you to write or type notes in the margin, highlight, underline, draw, and more. This creates a natural studying experience that keeps the focus on the material.

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3. Flipgrid – Spark a classroom discussion

Teachers strive to create a positive community within their classroom. Discussion and collaboration can spark a student’s creativity and help him grasp complex ideas. Flipgrid is a tool that allows teachers to create a community using video discussions.

It’s simple: the teacher creates a topic and students record their video response. The discussion can be private and the teacher can moderate each response.

Flipgrid can be accessed online or through the Android or iOS app. The free version allows you to create one grid with unlimited topics (conversations), and can be used forever. The paid version allows you to create unlimited grids and includes features that can open up the conversation a bit more. Flipgrid is always free for students and they don’t need an account to use it.

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4. StudyBlue – Guided studying for busy students

In our 10 Useful Classroom Apps That Make Your Job Easier article, we told you about Cram, a simple flashcard app. StudyBlue takes the concept of mobile studying to another level.

With StudyBlue, teachers can create study decks and share them with their students. This helps teachers ensure that their students are studying key points and following along with class lessons.

Teachers can track their students’ progress to see what they might need help with – individually or as a class. Students can also share sets of cards with each other and the app will even remind the student to study.

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5. Teachers.io and myHomework – The best apps for organized students

myHomework helps students stay organized. They can keep track of class schedules, assignments, and tests. It’s a simple but immensely helpful app for students that have a lot going on.

Where myHomework really shines is its integration with Teachers.io, the companion app made for teachers. In your Teachers.io account, you can upload your class schedule, schedule assignments and add details and due dates, post information on upcoming tests, add attachments and resources, and post announcements. Students can then link their myHomework account and have access to all of that information, receiving updates as you make changes.

It’s a simple way to help your students stay organized while still teaching them responsibility.


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6. Microsoft OneNote – A versatile note-taking app for students

The almighty cloud has become the backbone of how we use technology today. OneNote is a perfect example of why that can be helpful.

Notes that are edited in OneNote – on a phone, tablet, or computer – are available on any device, even iOS and Android devices. Now, that’s not a new idea. Evernote and Google Drive boast the same ability. However, many students choose OneNote for note-taking because of its seamless integration with other Microsoft applications like Word and Excel.

OneNote also has a better handwriting experience than Evernote. You can use a pen for handwriting with Evernote, but your abilities are limited. In OneNote, adding images, drawings, text, and handwriting to a single note is a seamless experience. It’s a versatile app that suits any note-taking style.

Not only that, but it also integrates with FlipGrid, mentioned earlier. Classroom discussions can become part of a student’s notes, allowing that conversation to further boost the learning process.

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Technology can be a powerful tool in the classroom. These apps for students will help boost their learning, ensuring that they get the most out of each class.


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