How It’s Made: Screenprinting T-Shirts at PepWear | Behind-the-Scenes

Posted by Sydney Myers

June 27th, 2017

Video: How It’s Made: Screenprinting T-Shirts at PepWear | Behind-the-Scenes

We’re pulling back the curtain at PepWear! Have you ever wondered how screenprinted t-shirts are made? Look no further! We’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the entire screenprinting process, complete with a video!

Step 1: Art Design


The artist creates a design for the shirt, which is then formatted for printing. Each color of the design is a separate layer, so the design has to be broken down into color layers for the printer.

At PepWear, our design services are free. You get awesome art for your shirt every time at no charge! Take a look at our design gallery to see some awesome designs we’ve made for our customers!

Step 2: Making the screens


First, the screens are coated with emulsion. Multiple screens are used. Remember how the design is broken down into color layers? Well, each layer is a different screen.

Next, each design layer is printed onto a screen using a special machine that sprays wax onto the screen in the shape of the design.

The emulsion is cured and the design is set! The uncured emulsion is washed away. The screens are ready for printing!

Step 3: Printing


The screens are set in place. This is a very meticulous process since the design has to line up perfectly. Each screen is coated with the color of ink that matches that design layer.

The shirts are printed, layer by layer, until the design is complete.

They pass through the dryer to cure the ink. They are then folded and shipped!

And that’s how screenprinting is done at PepWear!

We take pride in our quality. More than that, we take pride in what students do while they’re wearing these shirts.

PepWear’s mission is to celebrate the achievements of youths, whether in music, sports, or the arts. We do that by giving students and parents a way to commemorate those moments. A screenprinted shirt may seem like a simple thing, but it represents the hard work the students wearing them have done. We’re proud to be a part of that.


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