How Real Estate Pros Use Custom Apparel to Boost Brand Awareness

Posted by Justin Havre

May 15th, 2018

The competitive nature of the real estate industry makes having a stellar reputation and solid name recognition vital aspects of any successful venture. However, you first need to establish a solid client base to earn a respectable reputation. Boosting brand awareness through smart marketing can make that happen.

When distributed strategically, custom apparel can have a huge impact on lead generation and the overall bottom line.

Read on to learn more about boosting brand awareness with one-of-a-kind marketing items that’ll get your real estate enterprise the recognition it deserves.

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Why Custom Apparel is the Perfect Solution for Brand Awareness

Companies who don’t have items like shirts, jackets, totes, hats, golf towels or other wearable or portable goods with their logo emblazoned on them are missing out on very powerful and affordable marketing opportunities.

You might wonder if individuals would want to wear your logo. If so, just take a look at all the Nike and Adidas logos proudly being sported around the globe.

Branding builds relationships with customers, keeps your services on their minds, and can introduce your company to potential customers.

Branding builds relationships with customers, keeps your services on their minds, can introduce your company to potential customers, and can diversify your audience.

In essence, custom clothing can become an invaluable asset for any type of real estate business.

Choosing Custom Apparel for Real Estate Industry Promotions

What items are best to promote real estate enterprises? Truthfully, any wearable or portable item that gets noticed will have a positive effect on driving business. However, think about what home buyers and sellers might be interested in having, wearing or using. T-shirts, jackets, custom polo shirts, aprons, ball caps/visors, or tote bags are a good place to start.

It’s best to have a mixed bag of goodies to share with the community. This allows you to choose pieces that will connect with the target audience at events while making lasting connections with existing customers.

Whatever goods are selected, it’s essential to make sure the logo and other identifying information (like a website) are clearly visible, so passersby can find out more information and perhaps become customers.

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Where to Leverage Custom Company Apparel

People love free stuff, so the act of giving stuff away isn’t too difficult. However, the biggest task will be getting them into the right hands at the right time.

As a general rule, agencies can offer custom apparel as direct giveaways at events to reward existing customers or use them at places in which a bunch of new eyes can see them.

Here are some ideas.

Community Giveaways

Check the community calendar to learn when potential events for freebie promotions are going on around town. Potential events include concerts, trade shows, local parades and fairs, conferences, marathons and other community gatherings.

There are often booths available for free or a small charge or donation, These are ideal for getting a company’s logo or message out to a new audience. Design the setup to include freebies, informational packets, or a demonstration, such as someone demonstrating the ease of using your online database.

Charity and Sporting Events

Sponsoring a local charity event or sports team creates dynamic opportunities to connect with the community. Perhaps during that next marathon or during those weekly softball games, it could be your company logo the participants are donning.

Promoting a charitable local event may allow for banners, multiple demonstration booths, and lots of chances to hand out free marketing tools.

Customer Gifts

promotional gift for brand awarenessCustomers will always appreciate a few free gifts, especially considering the value of their patronage.

Consider higher-end custom apparel such as nice jackets with the company’s logo for buyers and sellers who’ve trusted you with one of the biggest transactions of their life.

These efforts can lead to repeat clientele while driving lead generation that might not have existed otherwise.

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s all about putting your name out there. The more places people see you, the more likely you are to get their business. If you’re in a city for the long-haul, consider the value that custom apparel can bring to your business.

Justin Havre is a Calgary native and owner of Justin Havre & Associates.


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