How to build a positive school culture with custom apparel – Cedar Hill ISD Case Study

Posted by Sydney Myers

August 22nd, 2017

Building a positive school culture can have a huge impact on the success of a student’s learning experience. New teaching initiatives require students to “buy in” and embrace the process. How can teachers do this?

Cedar Hill ISD uses custom apparel to create a positive school culture and to establish an identity within their new STEAM academies. In the following video, you’ll see how they have used custom apparel to do this and the importance of doing so.

Why custom apparel?

“Our number one focus for custom apparel is branding,” says Shay Whittaker, the STEAM Coordinator for CHISD, “so that individuals recognize, when they see our logo…they recognize that we are an institution of high quality education.”

PepWear and CHISD worked together to create apparel that would showcase the new STEAM academies. This included t-shirts and embroidered patches with the academy crest.

“Our number one focus for custom apparel is branding.”

“When we were opening our new academies, the number one thing we wanted was a brand. So we developed the logos, we developed the crest so that anybody who saw those understood what that represented for our students and for our school district.”

How has PepWear helped?

“Ever since PepWear has come into the community, they really have been a great asset to our district in regards to the designs that they push, the focus to customer service, the detail, and really being willing and able to work with our school district and the different objectives that we have.”

“They’re very proactive in making sure that we’re taken care of and that we have everything that we need. Even when, sometimes, things pop up unplanned, PepWear is always willing to help us.” That kind of flexibility and understanding means that CHISD has a reliable partner when new initiatives or events are being planned that require custom apparel.

Watch the video to see more on how PepWear and Cedar Hill ISD have worked together and why CHISD chooses PepWear for their custom apparel.


Are you an teacher or school administrator looking to create memorable moments for your students and impress on them the value of education? Custom apparel from PepWear is an easy way to build a positive school culture and celebrate momentous events. Get a free quote today!

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