Tools for Music Educators from Southwest Music Summer Exhibition

Posted by Sydney Myers

July 25th, 2017

The 2017 Southwest Music Summer Exhibition was the largest summer music show in the U.S., making attendance a must for all music directors and educators. However, you might not have been able to make the trip to San Antonio. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. Hundreds of vendors packed into the exhibit hall with helpful tools for music educators. Here are three that you need to know about.

Beyond the Clef Podcast

In the realm of budgets and financial constraints, free tools are always a bonus.

Beyond the Clef is a podcast hosted by David Biel, the Director of Bands at Heritage Middle School in Lubbock, Texas. The podcast provides “inspiration, tips and instruction to help music educators advance their programs”. Each episode features a different expert in the music education field as a guest host. If you’re looking to connect to the music education community, glean helpful tips from your colleagues, or find inspiration for the new school year, Beyond the Clef is an excellent resource.

Watch full episodes on YouTube or listen to the podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Cut Time

We’ve put together a couple of lists of helpful apps for teachers and music educators. Cut Time would definitely belong on that list, except it’s not an app, meaning you’re not limited to a certain mobile OS or device type. Cut Time is an all-in-one online group management tool specifically designed for music programs.

Music teachers and directors can use Cut Time for management, organization, and communication. The online tool makes event planning, inventory monitoring, financial tracking, document management, and group communication easier. And that’s not even covering every feature!

You can sign up for a free trial on the Cut Time website.

Music in Motion

Music in Motion is a one-stop shop for books, teaching aids, posters, gifts, and other useful tools for music educators. Their newest product, Music-Go-Rounds, is designed for hands-on learning for early music students. The kit can be used to teach just about any music concept to students of any age. Watch the above video to get a first-hand look at the set.

If you weren’t able to attend the convention, you can browse through Music in Motion’s online catalog to see thousands of helpful tools and resources.

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