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A best-in-class event

merchandise experience, focused on commemorating youth achievement.

PepWear's Event Merchandising Solution delivers the most revenue and best customer experience while building your brand.  Schedule a time to chat with an expert and take your events to the next level. 

Looking for Custom Apparel?  We can help!

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PepWear's Event Merchandising Solution

PepWear has long and deep relationships with many national and state-level youth organizations across the country, managing merchandise operations at more than 700 events each year.


When we talk to them about what they're looking for in an Event Merchandising Solution, we normally hear these things.

1) They want to work with a professional company that keeps their promises.


2) They want to grow revenue.

3) They want a partner that will invest in their brand and the customer experience.

PepWear's Event Merchandising Solution™ does all 3 and a whole lot more!

and Integrity
Professionalism and Integrity

Service. Integrity. Learning. Those are core values at PepWear and we work hard to deliver those values for the organizations that trust us with their brand. 

Grow Revenue
Grow Your Revenue

PepWear's approach to product selection, merchandising, employee training, and technology is unique to the industry and delivers the most revenue to organizations we serve.

Great Customer Experience and Enhanced Branding
Great Customer Experience and Enhanced Branding

We go the extra mile to make sure the perceived value of the shopping experience matches how hard those families work to get there. 


PepWear focuses on maximizing sales and the customer experience to produce industry-leading results.


Watch the video to see how it works.

E-Commerce, Marketing & Branding, Technology, Product Planning, Data Analysis, and Order Fulfillment...

These are just some of the ways PepWear serves as an extension of you and your organization's goals.


Your tagline fits right here...


PepWear's Event Merchandising Solution represents a new level of professionalism for our member State Associations, both onsite and online. The NFHS and NFHS Network are proud to make PepWear a long term partner and look forward to presenting their offering to our members.




Our Toolkit, at Your Service

We use the best widgets, apps, gizmos, and gadgets to maximize sales and keep customers happy.



  • Web store design

  • Inventory management

  • Marketing support

  • Brand positioning

  • Analytics suite

ecommercetoolkit copy_edited.png


  • Custom branding

  • World-class support

  • Look great everywhere

  • Focused on you, not us

LHSAA2 copy.jpg


  • Proprietary event management software

  • Ever-evolving efficiency

  • Useful, data-based outcomes

  • Tech to make the complex repeatable

Technology_OT11BK1 (1).png



  • Pick & pack fulfillment

  • Free shipping on prepaid backorders

  • No-questions-asked refunds and exchanges (seriously)

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